Operation Incredible

It's time to be incredible.

Operation Incredible was founded by Ilse Ferris and Veronica Cary in the spring of 2015. Both Veronica and Ilse have experience working in computer programming and managing large projects for human services. We will provide an efficient, modern, easy-to-use, and creative solution to your technological inefficiencies.

We have compiled a team of developers with a wide range of technological interests. With a focus on the user, our team works together to make intuitive and beautiful products. Between us, we have over 30 years of experience working in human services. This is our history, this is our passion. We truly believe that the human services industry needs additional tools to provide necessary resources to those in need.

Whether you are in need of a web or mobile application, communications dashboard, case review system, or even a website for your organization, we’ve got your back. Our experience and attitude helps keep the human in our human services projects. Let Operation Incredible give you the tools to make your technology work for you.

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